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Trillian is, quite simply, the most beautiful multiclient IM service in this roundup. If you want more functionality (such as bringing in your Google Talk contacts), you can also buy Trillian Pro, which costs $25. When you go to the Meebo home page, you have the option of inputting your credentials for any of those services. Meebo is one of the more popular multiclient IM tools on the Web for good reason–it’s simple, responsive, and boasts support for a variety of clients.

  • You won’t find all the services on this platform, but it works great with the ones it supports.
  • Beeper is a message aggregator that currently supports 15 chat networks, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Android Messages, and Telegram.
  • Wire app is a beautiful UI cross-platform chat app designed for smartphones and personal computers.
  • WeChat has integrated with social networks, and it also works for electronic payments and money transfers.
  • We’re excited to be working with partners Razorpay and PayU to make paying for something as simple as sending a message.
  • Adium Adium is my favorite multiclient instant-messaging tool for a few reasons.
  • Move noisy chats out of your inbox into low priority folders.

Built using the Erlang programming language, WhatsApp appeared in 2009, before being bought in 2013 by Facebook, who has owned it ever since. This app has gone ad-free, and all it takes to use it is a simple download and registration using a phone number. Once you’ve done that, WhatsApp automatically synchronises with your phonebook, and then you can write text messages, make calls, and send and receive multimedia files. In 2015, WhatsApp launched a web client of their mobile app, called WhatsApp Web. At the same time, despite its popularity, this messenger has had some serious problems with security. Fortunately, they have made big changes, and the latest version allegedly provides end-to-end encryption and privacy.

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You’ll get an alert when your friends are “in the house” — using the app and ready to chat, basically — and starting a game is as easy as clicking the dice icon in the app’s window. And, let’s not forget that Facebook Messenger is fully integrated with Facebook Groups. This means that, through Facebook, you and your friends can share files, coordinate events (with push notifications), and easily invite anyone to your group. All-in-One is simple, stable, well designed and uses roughly the same amount of resources they would in a browser tab in Chrome. It’s available as a Chrome Web App, and while I prefer a standalone client, it still serves the purpose for keeping all your messaging clients accessible in a single place.

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Also, it doesn’t support video or phone calls, so all you can do is just send and receive messages, and nothing more than that. Slack is a convenient corporate messenger, a collaboration tool which suits large companies with multiple departments and a large staff. Slack has its own hosting and is integrated with such services as Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Twitter, Trello, Jira and others. The free version allows administrators to create groups, where they can add an unlimited number of users and archive up to 10,000 messages.


In contrast, the Pro version completes the package with features like spell check and customizable workspaces. A workspace browser designed for anyone who wants to manage all of their apps from a centralized location, Rambox is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals. All-in-One Messenger provides solid security and doesn’t store your login credentials or read your typed messages.

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You can use five different Facebook Messenger accounts all at the same time, so you wouldn’t have to log in and out of accounts all the time. If you have always use Pidgin for your business, then the word “all-in-one messenger” would probably be no stranger for you. Put simply, all-in-one messenger is when different communication media being merged together into one single online portal, so you can access it on various devices. With more than 1 billion users, WeChat is looking to extend its reach globally beyond China where it’s become a very popular chat app. Rival Zoom offers high call limits, too, but you need a large meeting add-on from that service. There’s definitely an orientation toward teens with Houseparty, but others are finding and using the app to stay connected in this shelter-in-place age.

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Slack covers your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices and also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. Even with the constant influx of features, Facebook Messenger works as it did before. And Facebook has continually updated Messenger’s look, with an emphasis lately on making things more streamlined. These all-in-one desktop apps let you manage multiple services/platforms from a single window. When you launch them, you also launch multiple apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Asana, and Slack in one go.

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The Viber Out feature lets you call non-Viber numbers and landline phones worldwide (for a fee). There are dozens of group chat apps that support real-time messaging, file sharing, and even desktop use. Because they have a business model, the UI and feature set are polished. You get account sync across a host of devices when you create an account.


And you can text and send photos and videos via MMS to other mobile phones over cellular networks. Just say “Tell Peter I’m on my way, ” and Siri writes your message and fires multi platform messenger it off. You can use Hangouts to keep in touch, message friends even in offline, start a free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.

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WeChat, free messaging and calling app that allows you to connect with family & friends across countries easily. It’s the all-in-one communications app for free text (SMS/MMS), voice & video calls, Moments, photo sharing, and games. WeChat offers you the highest level of control over your privacy. You can utilize the Real-time Location feature instead of having to tell others where you are.

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WeChat provides users with free mobile instant messaging, video and voice calls, group chat, and multimedia messaging (images, video, audio, stickers, etc). Up to 500 people can  take part in chats, while a Time Capsule feature gives you the ability to create video messages that disappear after a day. Users who’ve stuck with WhatsApp can send text, photos, voice and short video messages to their WhatsApp contacts. The app has continuously added new features to its toolkit, such as emoji, and fully encrypted messaging between WhatsApp users. Like Messenger, WhatsApp include video chat features, with 50 people able to join a call. Keeping track of messages across multiple apps and accounts can be overwhelming.

There’s even support for group chats over SMS, for relatives and contacts who don’t have a smartphone. A neat feature we liked is the inclusion of an in-app Gallery that helps you keep track of photos and videos shared in your groups. In addition, the app features a system of chat channels, allowing you to quickly set up subgroups for task or topic-oriented discussions. Viber has ushered in interface changes that speed up messaging performance, and you can make video calls with up to 20 users. A self-destructing message feature — only available in secret chats originally — is included in all one-on-one chats if you don’t want your texts lingering.. We will uphold the privacy and security of the data you send and receive on Beeper.

All your chats in one app. Yes, really.

I’ll tell you right away all three options we’re covering today work similarly as they are essentially wrappers for the web versions of all the supported messaging apps. It feels polished, fast and is presented in a clean, no-frills interface. Our business model means that our interests are 100% aligned with our customers.

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